Have you ever thought about what it would be like to put on the uniform of the Union Army and march into battle? Are you interested in becoming a re-enactor? The 87th PVI Co. C is always recruiting new members.

The 87th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company C is a member of 1st Regiment, Federal Volunteer Brigade. We are based in York County, PA, but draw members from all over south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Recruits must be at least 16 years of age to carry a firearm or 9 years of age to be a musician or guidon bearer. (No age requirement for civilians.) Each recruit is required to learn and comply with standard 1860 US Army Regulations and Manual of Arms. Additionally, each recruit must provide the basic uniform and equipment (listed below) which will enable him/her to function as a soldier in the 1860's era Federal Army.

Current Muster Roll

1st Lieutenant

  • Scott Livingston

1st Sergeant

  • Denny Conley

2nd Sergeant

  • (Vacant)

3rd Sergeant

  • (Vacant)

Quartermaster Sergeant

  • (Vacant)

1st Corporal

  • Richard Anderson

2nd Corporal

  • (Vacant)

Medical Steward

  • John Reem III


  • Anthony Breighner
  • Ben Beazley
  • Bryan Jahn
  • Chris Bevans
  • Christopher Lau
  • Dominish Miller
  • Erich Nitzsche
  • John Gottschall
  • Liam McDermott
  • Logan Martin
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Mason Rinaudo
  • Nate Martin
  • Stacey Fake
  • Steve Hilt
  • William Buttermark


  • Paul Ilyes


  • (Vacant)

Civilian Auxillary

  • Ann Longmore-Etheridge
  • Erin Murray
  • Grace Fritz
  • Helen Jahn
  • Jeanne McDermott
  • Jennifer Rinaudo
  • Kathy Witten
  • Linda Nitzsche
  • Lorraine Updegraff
  • Marie Hopkins
  • Shawn McDermott
  • Sheree Hilt

Company Historian

  • Dennis Brandt

If you would like to join the 87th PVI or would like more information contact us at history@preservingnewberrytown.org.

Uniform & Equipment Requirements

It is strongly recommended that new recruits do not purchase a uniform or equipment without first consulting an experienced member of the 87th PVI.



Last updated 04/14/2024